(SSS), is a Corporation established in the Republic of Guyana since May 2013. The Management Team have a wealth of security experience ranging from providing over 30 years of Manned and Electronic Security Services in the United Kingdom to providing Hostile Close Protection Services with Officers deployed worldwide, therefore bringing many years of international experience to Guyana to assist the government and Companies in the “Fight against Crime”. Whilst operating in Guyana (SSS) follow UK Private Security Standards for the operation of Security Services and also Labor Laws which exceeds the Guyanese legislations.

(SSS) are at the forefront of technology and no expense is spared when it comes to the safety of our operatives and the protection of our customers assets and staff, whether it is electronic tracking systems incorporating the management of ‘Lone Worker Regulations’ and the restriction of Maximum daily and weekly hours being exceeded or Mobile Surveillance Vehicles capable of sending live high definition images from any location to anywhere in the world via onboard CCTV Cameras or Drones (UAV’s), therefore giving management the ability to make instant critical decisions in real time.

Our UK management team, in Country, are all successful graduates of our UK Training Academy (Training For Security Limited (TFS) – www.trainingforsecurity.co.uk), achieving internationally recognized Teaching Qualifications. They have been carefully selected mostly from backgrounds in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces including the SAS, Royal Protection Corps and having Hostile Environment Close Protection experience. With all of this knowledge and experience they are responsible for running our ‘(SSS) Training Academy’. Staff and Customer training is a very important factor for (SSS) in the provision of professional security services and with that in mind our Training Academy will have the full support of our UK Training Company (TFS) where we will be training our local managers, supervisors, security operatives and clients to be able to sustain the high demands of training that will be required in Guyana to take us to the required international safety standards.

(SSS) operatives undergo a stringent selection, induction and training program lasting a minimum of 4 weeks incorporating background and police clearance checks, classroom security training, first aid at work, basic computer skills, literacy, numeracy, customer service, and job specific training, to name a few. All employees have access to over 125 of our Accredited Video Assisted e-Learning Courses (https://videotilehost.com/trainingforsecurity/), that can be completed at the academy or at home. Training is a continuous process and each employee will have training records and certificates showing Continuing professional development (CPD) which is available for clients to see along with their Security Screening Records. All employees will be enrolled onto our company pension scheme and will have life insurance policies provided by (SSS).

We provide a range of services from Highly Trained Armed Close Protection Officers to Unarmed Site Protection Officers dealing with access and egress/ searching and completing mandatory documentation. Through our 24-hour Control Room we will respond to customer emergencies by either contacting the emergency services, deploying extra operatives or deploying a ‘Rapid Response Vehicles’ from our fleet of Patrol & Response Vehicles, in accordance with the ‘Site Specific Assignment Instructions’ (Security Plan).