Crime Scene Identification Systems

The specific circumstances that a crime scene investigator (CSI) encounters at a crime scene dictate the approach required. The forensic approach to a volume crime scene varies from that of a major crime scene. The processes implemented, however, are mainly similar. In serious or major cases, a formal strategy for the forensic response is compiled by a forensic manager in consultation with, and agreed by, the senior investigating officer. The strategy includes:

  • Identifying health, safety and security issues and establishing the dimensions of the scene
  • Coordinating and communicating with relevant personnel
  • An initial walk-through of the scene identifying key areas of interest
  • Documenting and recording the scene at all stages of the examination process
  • Recovering and recording material of interest using appropriate specialists and techniques
  • A secondary walk-through of the scene and a review.
  • General photographs to record comprehensive views of the scene
  • Scaled photographs to record identifying marks, eg, fingerprints, footwear marks or tool marks – scaled photographs may be taken before, during and after any processes which may be carried out on the item

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