Manufacturing and Mobilisation of Mobile CCTV Units

(SSS) build and deploy mobile vehicles, from Motorbikes – Cars – Vans – Jeeps, our mobile vehicles can be built to specific requirements which means we have the technology and teams to build covert or overt vehicles.

Our Mobile CCTV Unit includes 6 fixed and 2 pan tilt zoom cameras (one with telescopic mast), 2-man control room, video recording equipment, PA system and remote monitoring. Drivers and operators are available with each unit, unless you choose to remotely monitor the CCTV yourself.

Hiring the Unit will ensure areas likely to cause disruption, such as crime and ASBO hot-spots, public events/festivals, construction sites or sporting events will be monitored with extra vigilance.

Electrical supply can be provided through inverter or leisure batteries, which produce enough power for up to 12 hours. A generator can be used for more lengthy assignments, running on LPG in a sound proofed box so that noise pollution is kept to a minimum.

Using our Mobile CCTV Unit is an effective way to deter anti-social behaviour, identifying number plates with ANPR techniques, even be used to train your staff in CCTV security.