Hostage Negotiation / Kidnap and Ransom Experts

Often a fresh, focused approach can resolve issues and bring stalled negotiations to a successful conclusion. (SSS) regularly accepts assignments to consult in the recovery of kidnapped executives and abducted children. Our 24 hour Hotline ensures a speedy and efficient process when and if a kidnap occurs.

(SSS) have negotiated face to face with heavily armed hostage takers and secured the release of the hostages unharmed. In other cases, professional extortionists have had their best laid plans thwarted by (SSS) active measures.

(SSS) negotiators have secured multi-party agreement in complex, international negotiations between corporations, assisted with mergers and buyouts, and negotiated complex labor-management agreements.

(SSS) have the unseen advantage over the hostage takers to ensure the freedom and safety of their captive party.